At What Age Should Children See an Orthodontist?

Do you know when your child should see an Orthodontist? Most parents are told to send their kids to the dentist twice a year at the very least. Therefore, some might forgo scheduling an appointment with an orthodontist. Read on to learn more about the right age and reasons children should see an orthodontist.

Causes of Crooked Teeth

The habits of your child as he or she grows up as well as genetics can play a factor in whether their teeth become crooked or straight when they’re fully developed. It could be caused by the following:

  • Your child’s nasal breathing:
  • The way they position their tongue
  • Skeletal posture
  • Poor lip posture: not closing their mouth the right way when at rest
  • Oral behaviors: sucking their thumbs or using pacifiers

All of these sound strange and odd, but they can impact whether your child develops straight or crooked teeth. This is where cosmetic dentistry such as accelerated orthodontics comes in to help straighten those crooked teeth once more.

Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Did you know having straighter teeth can benefit your oral health? Getting your child’s teeth straightened by a professional Orthodontist can make their gums healthier. When your teeth are spaced too far apart or too close together, your gums become irritated and red. Straightening crooked teeth allow your gums to fit around your teeth more properly than before.

Getting your teeth straightened out by an orthodontist can also create the following possibilities for your child’s oral health:

  • Make cleaning easier: flossing is easier to clean between straightened teeth
  • Avoids further damage to teeth due to rubbing against each other
  • Prevents tooth injury since some crooked teeth can be damaged in an accident

Straightening your teeth can provide anyone with more confidence and build up your self-esteem when you’ve been too self-conscious to show them to the people around you.

First Steps of Orthodontic Care

Did you know your child should be seen by an Orthodontist as early as seven years old? That seems soon, doesn’t it? This is when a child starts getting those adult teeth; therefore, an Orthodontist can determine if they will need orthodontics to realign those crooked teeth that are already forming. If your child does seem to need braces or Invisalign trays, then they will come back when they are old enough for the process such as 11-14 years of age.

After your child hits a certain age where they are old enough to handle orthodontic care, Dr. Rhea can create Invisalign trays specifically for your child’s mouth. There’s no need to put those uncomfortable, heavy braces on them anymore if you don’t want them to since Invisalign trays are much more comfortable and convenient. They are just as safe to use as braces, so don’t think they are only for adults. Invisalign trays are also clear plastic trays that fit over their teeth and help gradually move their teeth to a more straighter smile!

If you live in or around Brentwood, MO, consider Dr. Rhea as your child’s Orthodontist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions concerning your child’s dental care. We can help your child get those crooked teeth straight once again!

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