How Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

You have probably been taught all of your life that good oral hygiene is vital for your teeth. That to keep your smile beautiful you must take care of it. Did you know though, that your dental health affects more than just your mouth? Here we will cover some of the other ways how dental health affects your overall health.

Dental Health & Your Heart

When you think of your mouth and its effects on your body, your heart is probably the furthest thing from your mind. The fact is you should be considering your heart and much more. Studies are showing an increasing link between dental health and heart disease. How can your teeth affect your heart is your next question? Well, when you do not take care of your teeth properly, bacteria can build up and cause infections in your gums. Left untreated this infection can turn into a gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause infection to enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation in your blood vessels. This inflammation causes a strain on your heart in many different ways. For this reason, it is imperative that you have regular check-ups and practice a good dental care routine at home.

Dental Health & Your Immune System

Another part of your body that is adversely affected due to dental issues is your immune system. As with your heart, immune problems are connected to your mouth through infections. When you have bacteria in your mouth that leads to an infection your immune system automatically amps up and attacks the infection. When the disease is left unattended, your body will fight more to rid itself of this problem. In doing so, your immune levels will be lowered allowing the infection to spread easier through your blood to other parts of your body. As the bacteria spread so does your immune systems attack, causing further depletion of your bodies natural defense. Many of these issues can be avoided though, through regular preventative care at your local general dentistry clinic.

Schedule Your Dental Check Up!

Regular dentist visits are as important for your dental health as brushing and flossing daily. Schedule your appointment today with the experienced staff at Brentwood Family Dentistry, and let them help keep your mouth and whole body healthy. This healthy mouth and body will give you a new reason to show the world your beautiful smile.

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