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CEREC: Reclaim Your Time

Get up before everyone else, a quick workout, wake the kids, feed the dog, breakfast ready, shower, out the door to work, meetings, more meetings, back home, dinner on the table, kids ready for bed, maybe you have a minute to yourself… Who can afford to spend more...

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Intraoral Dental Cameras

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture taken with an Intraoral Dental Camera is worth a thousand…uh….smiles! Ok, that was bad. Modern dentistry incorporates the use of many technical gadgets. These instruments help us provide you with the...

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The Benefits of Invisalign

You probably know that Invisalign treatment is a great way transform your smile without interfering with your everyday life. But what really are the benefits? They’re Invisible Probably the most obvious thing about a product called “Invisalign” is that they’re...

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What to Expect on Your First Visit

Let’s face it – very few people enjoy visiting the dentist. It is estimated that as many as 75% of US adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe. Thankfully, when visiting Dr. Rhea or Dr. Doherty, you have nothing to worry about! Whether this is...

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Found this great website: saintlouiscerec.com while surfing around the CEREC doctor website.   It has some great information about Cerec technology such as the procedure, the technology, and some before and after photos.  CEREC makes crowns in the office in one...

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