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James W. Rhea D.D.S

James W. Rhea D.D.S

Dr. Rhea is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry.  He also holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts from the University of Missouri-Columbia and the degree of Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

After graduation from the University of Illinois in 1984, he did a General Practice Residency at The Jewish Hospital at Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis.Married with three children Dr. Rhea lives in Warson Woods, Mo.

2 Responses to Dr Rhea

  1. David Pollack says:

    Dr. Rhea,

    For about 2 months, I’ve been delaying my usual 6-month cleaning & checkup…as I had some very serious health issues in late October (2 heart attacks). Additionally, if you check my recent records, you’ll see that I have a cavity (needing attention).

    Before I make appointments with Peg, wanted to ask if you possibly charge me a bit less than you usually charge for a cavity? (I don’t need numbing)….& if you possibly charge me less than you usually charge for that 5-minute check up you do (every time I have a cleaning)?

    OK if not. Just let me know. (Happy to pay usual price for the wonderful cleaning by Terri).

    Thank you,
    David Pollack 314-781-1811

  2. Diane & Phil Shoulberg says:

    Hi Peg when you get a chance, could you look up the amount you billed us for 2013? Thank you so much! I’m going to miss you all!


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